Songwriter and music producer

Songwriter and Music Producer

Music Production
Electric and Acoustic Guitar
Instrument and Music Technology tuition in Schools and Private

Peripatetic Instrument Tuition in Schools 

Guitar Tuition
Band Workshop
Music Technology Tuition
Drum and Percussion Tuition
Music production

Music Production 

Instrument Recording for Your Project
I Record with High Quality Mics
Outboard Gear and Amps

Producer - Songwriter - Musician


Hi, my name is Brian, I am a freelance music technologist, musician, songwriter and producer. I am available for peripatetic instrument tuition in schools as well. 



What I Provide

  • Session musician
  • Songwriting
  • Producer
  • Music collaboration
  • Instrument and Music Technology tuition in schools and private lessons

Online Musician

Online musician, songwriting, and music collaborations. I am looking forward to working with you, either on a pay as you go basis for single instrument recordings or session instrumentalist on your project. We could also be working together on a collaboration basis. 

Instrument And Music Technology Tuition

Peripatetic instrument tuition in schools. Percussion/Music workshops in schools. Electric and acoustic guitar tuition - one to one or smaller groups. Drum and percussion tuition - one to one or smaller groups. Music technology tuition - one to one or smaller groups.

Private instrument tuition: guitar, bass, and drums (electric kit). Music technology, music production (I use Protools). Learn to play an instrument, gain music production, and music technology skills. Record your songs, creations, and progress as you develop your skills.

bhf the Musician

A little bit about myself. I am originally from Denmark. Some of my interests are computer, sport, fishing, music, nature, technology, and generally meeting people and exchanging stories and ideas.