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Brian H Feddersen

A little bit of background info.

Hi, my name is Brian, I am an instrument and music teacher. I have many years of teaching experience from youth clubs and schools in Denmark and in the UK. I am registered on the update service (Enhanced DBS). I am very keen to use my experience and the knowledge that I have to teach others. Educational background: I have attended different music schools and courses both in Denmark and in the UK. I did a one-year diploma course at MI, Musicians Institute (GIT), studying guitar, together with band integration, leadership, music theory, and songwriting. I studied a music technology degree from the University of West London. I am also a freelance producer, session musician, engineer, and songwriter. I work with my company, which is a music and sound production company. Should you need further info on my teaching experience from schools then let me know and I can send you a CV and cover letter on request. I am looking forward to hearing from you. All the best, Brian :-)  

What I Provide

  • Electric and acoustic guitar tuition - one to one or smaller groups (in Schools)
  • Music technology tuitionone to one or smaller groups (in Schools, depends on the school's setup and equipment)  
  • Band workshop, typically 6 to 8 students (in Schools, depends on the school's setup and equipment)
  • Music workshop
  • Private instrument tuition: guitar and drums (electric kit)
  • Private tuition in music technology, music production, and recording skills (I use Protools as my main DAW) 
  • Learn to play an instrument, and gain music production and music technology skills. Record your songs, creations, or your progress as you develop your skills.
  • Guidance and advice on how you can get your music and art creations released on the most common digital outlets and platforms.  

Music Workshops

Learn to play an instrument and music production skills

Music Workshop

Students and pupils can discover a sense of community when they work together to accomplish a common goal. In the music workshops, we will be looking at some of the ingredients of music such as rhythm, Pulse, pitched instruments, sounds, and timbres, singing, Looper as a songwriting and practice tool, and a little bit of music theory as well

Music Tuition

Electric and acoustic guitar tuition - one to one or smaller groups (in Schools) - Drum and percussion tuition - one to one or smaller groups (in Schools) - Music technology tuition - one to one or smaller groups (in Schools) - Private instrument tuition: guitar, and drums (electric kit) - Private tuition in music technology, and music production   

Music technology and songwriting

Music technology and songwriting

Music production, mixing and editing

Music production, mixing and editing