Music Tuition

Instrument tuition

Instrument Tuition

Guitar tuition
Music technology tuition
Production & Recording tuition
Music production skills

Music production skills

The lessons can be tailored to fit with your needs, you can mix and match from the things I offer and have a full learning circle from instrument tuition to writing your own songs and learning to record your creations as you progress   

Instrument and Music Technology lessons

Instrument tuition on guitar, drums(electric kit), music technology, songwriting, and music production. Your lessons are tailored towards your needs and the goals you want to achieve. My teaching philosophy is to encourage my students to create their own music and art using the skills they will learn in the lessons.

I have studio facilities so we can make recordings of your progress while you learn or once you have reached the goal you set out.

You can mix and match your lessons as you like. You might sign up for guitar lessons but then also wanting to learn about music technology and recording techniques in a studio setting


Learn to play an instrument, gain music production, and music technology skills. record your songs, creations, and progress as you develop your skills. I use Protools as my main DAW. I have access to various virtual instruments such as Native instruments komplete ultimate and various other virtual instruments within Protools. For music processing and mixing, I use Protools, izotope music production bundle, various UAD-plugins, and waves plugins.  

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Songwriting and music production skills

Instrument tuition, music technology, songwriting, and music production tuition


Peripatetic instrument tuition for schools  

  • Electric and acoustic guitar tuition - online - one-to-one or smaller groups
  • Band workshop - 6 to 8 students
  • Songwriting and music theory
  • Introduction to looping as songwriting and practice tool - online - one-to-one or smaller groups 
  • Music technology and music production - online - one-to-one or smaller groups (I use Protools as my main DAW)

Private instrument tuition - online tuition

  • Electric and acoustic guitar
  • Songwriting and music theory
  • Drums (electric kit)
  • Music technology and music production



The potential outcome of the lessons could be a full music circle, from learning an instrument, learning songs or writing your own songs, producing and recording your songs, or just recording your progress as you learn. But you will have the access and potential to finalize recordings and release them when you are happy with the results. The following list below gives you an idea of what we would be looking at to achieve "the full circle" 

  •  Learning how to play an instrument
  •  Learning about music theory, circle of 5th, chords, scales, rhythm, sounds, effects, and other songwriting tools  
  •  Using the skills and knowledge you gain to write songs
  •  Learning music technology and music production skills 
  •  Recording of your own songs or progress as you develop your skills (format: Wav and Mp3 file)     


  • I would recommend the student a pattern of lessons on either a weekly basis or a fortnightly basis. That will be a good and steady pattern and a recommendable time span to practice the things from lesson to lesson for the best possible progress on your musical journey
  • One lesson is 45 minutes
  • My rate for private online lessons is £18 a lesson
  • For peripatetic work in schools or online sessions with schools, my hourly rate is £24 an hour   
  • If you sign up for regular weekly or fortnightly lessons and book 10 sessions upfront I can offer you a 10% discount, so one session for free
  •  I am registered on the update service (Enhanced DBS)
  • For Schools or parents: Should you need further info on my teaching experience from schools then let me know and I can send you a CV and cover letter on request
  • I am looking forward to hearing from you. All the best, Brian :-)